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Lincoln Toyota Repair

We service and repair Toyota cars, SUVs and trucks. We’ve performed Toyota auto repair and service in Lincoln, Nebraska for 20 years. Being specialists in Toyota products enables us to really know your vehicle. This reduces your repair costs and minimizes the repair time. Call us at for prompt auto repair.

Lincoln Toyota Repair | George Witt Service, Inc.

We also provide the Lincoln, NE community with expert hybrid service on your Prius, Highlander or other Toyota hybrid vehicle. Our factory Toyota service information system and computer interface tooling allows us to see the inside of hybrid batteries and computer systems.

This system enables us to get you on the road faster, safer and more reliably. We don’t have to remove a bunch of panels to test things, the authorized Toyota Service computer can do that for us, saving you time and money.

The correct oil is so important to Toyota vehicles that Prius engineers wrote a piece of code into the computer that enables the car to determine if the motor oil is totally incorrect for the engine. It will reduce power if the oil pressure is too high (oil too thick) or too low (oil too thin). In some cases, it may shut the car down or set a computer code.

We only use bottled oil and only the very best in our service work. We want your Toyota to give you miles of trouble free service. We’re sticklers for quality details in our service.

Lincoln Toyota Repair and Service | George Witt Service, Inc.

Rough up-shift on a Toyota transmission may not mean you need expensive automatic transmission repair. It can often come from not using the correct transmission fluid. The idea that transmission failures that follow a “transmission flush” are caused by debris lifted by the new fluid is not entirely correct. Many cases like this are due to the use of universal fluids, which are not the exact correct thickness required by the transmission.

Another common cause of poor shifting in an automatic transmission is poor electrical ground connections in the computer’s wiring system. What? Yes, a recent trade article cited terrible shifts and there were 5 different ground connections for the computer. Prior unrelated repairs required disconnecting those wires and they were found to be loose. Locating and tightening those connections repaired the problem. This sort of approach to Toyota auto repair is exactly what makes us a great choice in Lincoln for Toyota auto service. When your Toyota is serviced by mechanics who really know your car, it costs less in the long term.

We even work on the hybrids! Stop by today and see how we can save you time and money on the Toyota you have learned to love.

We are a great alternative to Toyota dealer service.

Things we can easily repair on a Toyota:

  • Noise from under car on bumps
  • Creak noise when steering wheel turned
  • Power steering system leaks
  • Burning smell from under hood
  • Oil leaks
  • Check engine light on
  • Excessive vibration at idle
  • Clunk when put into gear
  • Brakes noisy when applied
  • Ticking noise from engine
  • Vibration on highway, especially on trucks
  • Excessive bouncing or poor ride quality

Important things Toyota owners need to know

These cars are very well built and, for that reason, are very fussy about replacement parts. Insist on only Toyota brand or equivalent quality parts. You paid good money for a reliable car, don’t convert it into a Yugo one piece at a time.

Toyota engine water pumps may have a crusty residue coming from under them—this doesn’t always indicate water pump failure. We can test it according to Toyota service and repair standards to see if it’s good.

Toyota fluids are the only fluid you should use. Each Toyota fluid was developed to solve a problem that existed with common industry fluids. NEVER use additives or supplements in any fluid in your car. They don’t help and often hurt.

We use only Toyota factory brand fluids in Toyota service.

We use Toyota brand parts or their equivalent in Toyota repair.

We use Toyota certified factory test equipment and Toyota certified service information, same as the dealer.

We fix cars for less because we don’t guess! Our staff is not on commission and their pay is not dependent on sales or production. They’re passionate about doing the job right and performing repairs that last a long time.

Bring your Toyota to us. We’ll work to earn your business. We’re confident that, if you give us a try, you’ll want to come back to us again.

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