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Does your car smell sweet?

Does your car smell sweet | Summer Tips from George Witt Service, Inc.

If you get a sweet odor when outside your car, it may be a sign of a coolant leak. Some say it smells like maple syrup. Please do 3 things. First, get it checked for leaks by a shop. Also watch for puddles on the drive or garage floor that may attract pets and clean them. Coolant is poisonous. Finally, share this post with all your friends. When your car tries to communicate with you, please pay attention. We’re the experts in preventing car trouble. We want you driving, not walking.

Don’t let anyone get locked in the trunk!

Don’t let anyone get locked in the trunk | Summer Tips from George Witt Service, Inc.

Share this to save a child’s life! Most cars have a trunk release button inside the deck lid. Teach your children what these are and how they work. In the event a child or person accidentally gets locked in a car trunk, this release button gets them out. Some of these even glow in the dark. In this weather, it doesn’t take long to die from the heat.

We care about our customers and their safety.

Summer AC tip

Every spring, you should have the local AC people clean the condenser on your home AC and install a new furnace filter, right?

Summer A/C tip

Same with your car. The AC condenser is in the car’s front grille and can be gently rinsed with water. In our area, the pollen filter under the dash, also called the cabin air filter, will be good for about 15,000 miles. If it gets too dirty, it can cause your car’s AC to not work as well as it should. This is cheap maintenance. Poor air flow causes the pressures to get too high in the system, setting you up for poor performance and high repair bills. It’s sort of the bug’s revenge…

Get a “vacation inspection” before heading out on the road. Only $29.95

This car came in for a noise while rolling. Good thing, they were down to their last ply on the tires. We can inspect the things that are most likely to cause trouble on a trip and let you know before you go.

Get a vacation inspection before heading out on the road

We want to keep you motoring happily down the road with no worries, unless it’s how to find the world’s largest ball of string on your trip.

How to avoid tire trouble on the highway

80% of tire problems occur in temperatures above 85 degrees F. Old tires are prime candidates for a blowout from a sidewall failure.

Check the age of your tires using the DOT number. In this photo, it’s APTA 073X 1116. The last 4 digits are the week of the year (11th week) and the last 2 are the year (16). These are fresh tires.

How to avoid tire trouble on the highway | George Witt Service, Inc.

Tires can sold as new that are years old. Don’t ignore this “freshness date”, as tires over 6 years old should not be trusted at Interstate speeds, even if the tread looks amazing. We sell fresh tires.

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