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Winter Car Tips, Snow

     CLEAN SNOW OFF WINDOWS AND HEADLIGHTS--When your car is covered with snow, remember to brush the snow off the headlights. Modern LED lights don't get warm enough to melt off snow and ice. While the wind might blow it off, it also might stick and blind you, causing your car to slide right into Jan's Prius.

     LIFT WIPER BLADES UP OFF THE GLASS--Wipers can get frozen to the windshield. The wiper motor doesn't have enough power to break them loose every time. You run the risk of blowing a fuse, low cost fix, or blowing the wiper motor, big money for us.

     4 WHEEL DRIVE DOESN'T MEAN 4 WHEEL STOP--All wheel drive is great for acceleration and that is deceptive. It is terrible for stopping and turning corners. Icy surfaces result in all the wheels slipping, which means none of them are gripping and the drivers are often griping.

     In some cases, it can be helpful to shift to neutral if there is difficulty stopping or turning. This takes the engine out of the equation and assists braking.

     This is the reason why an overturned SUV is always in the ditch behind the reporter covering a snow storm on the news.


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