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How to avoid a Check Engine light

How to avoid a Check Engine light

How to avoid a “Check Engine” light, #1. Don’t fill your tank to the neck. The Evaporative Emission (EVAP) system on your car handles the vapors from the gas tank and provides a vent for it. It can’t handle liquid. Consistently over-filling your car can damage the EVAP system, setting a “Check Engine” light. EVAP codes can be some of the most difficult to repair on some cars and often cost a lot of money. If you’re paying with a credit card, what difference does it make if you click it until you get even money for the purchase? Slow the flow as the tank gets full and let it click off. Maybe one more to be sure, but stop the pump, already. Need a “shot of freon?” A few warm afternoons causing you to think your car AC needs to be serviced? An AC is a heat exchanger. In order to properly test OR SERVICE IT, the outside air temperature should be 75 deg. F or higher. Hold off getting anything done to it unti ... read more


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